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Web Cameras for Construction

Need to keep an eye on your remote building project?

If so, RTI Cams can provide you a web camera solution.

RTI Cams specializes in remote camera systems for the Construction Industry.  Our Video Vault system delivers images and video from nearly any construction project site to your internet-enabled location, wherever that may be.

Our systems automatically create a historical snapshot record of your project in time-stamped form on our internet servers where you, your project team and stakeholders can access any of them at any time from anywhere.  You can have an indisputable journal of what happened and when it happened over the life of your project.  All the benefits of a video record without having to be on site to take photos.

At project completion, promote it with a time-lapse video.

Quick and Simple

With our fixed, high resolution, wireless camera, you can be capturing detailed high-quality images from your construction site only minutes after receipt of your camera.  Just mount and plug in.  Operation is automatic.  We take care of all the rest while you view your images on the web site we provide with your camera. 

Order today and you'll be watching your project site remotely in no time.

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