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SiteCam HD Fixed High Definition Rugged Outdoor Camera

RTI Cams features "SiteCam", a high resolution fixed view self-contained outdoor professional grade camera ideal for capturing a historical video record of your project. SiteCam is the result of years of development, testing and use in harsh environment image capture, operating through sub-freezing snow and ice, desert heat, mid-west tornados and Florida humidity.

Our portable, trailer-mounted, solar-powered model, now dubbed "The Katrina", survived and operated through the 2005 hurricane and power outage to provide some of the only images of New Orleans available to Louisiana public safety and emergency management officials at that time.

Available in resolutions starting at 3 megapixels, each 2096 by 1028 pixel image offers over 20 times the resolution of a conventional "webcam"sufficient detail for close ups of your project without need for a mechanical pan tilt and zoom mechanism.

Each camera ships in a rugged outdoor weatherproof enclosure pre-configured to automatically capture and store your project images on your included remote image storage server as soon you power it on. Just mount the camera, aim and plug it in.

Each camera comes with a one-year warranty. Should it fail for any reason in that first year, RTI Cams will replace it free of charge.

SiteCam HD

Quick and Simple

With our fixed, high resolution, wireless camera, you can be capturing detailed high-quality images from your construction site only minutes after receipt of your camera.  Just mount and plug in.  Operation is automatic.  We take care of all the rest while you view your images on the web site we provide with your camera. 

Order today and you'll be watching your project site remotely in no time.

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