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About Our Company


The RTI Cams team marries construction experience with internet, telecommunications, software development and video technology expertise.

The RTI Cams team has many years of experience in construction, construction engineering and construction management. It includes licensed professional engineers with specialties in geo-technical, environmental, chemical, transportation, traffic and systems engineering. It also includes residential and commercial land development designers, project managers, general and specialty contractors.

On the technology side, the RTI Cams team has extensive internet, data, software development and telecommunications backgrounds, some of which go back to the early 80's in a variety of fields with organizations large and small. The RTI Cams staff have won national awards for their work in transportation public outreach and in kiosk ticketing applications.

A high proportion have worked in their own construction and technology businesses as owners. As such, they understand the challenges and needs of the business owner in the construction industry. They realize that a company in the construction field has limited resources and time to spend developing and maintaining an in-house wireless camera, internet communications interface, web design and hosting expertise. And they intimately understand the importance of sound and efficient project management, engineering and customer relations.  That is why RTI Cams has created Video Vault to meet these needs.


Why Choose "RTI Cams"

  1. The staff of RTI Cams has years of experience in providing high quality remote imaging over the internet.
  2. As business and real estate owners, developers, managers and engineers in the construction field ourselves, we understand the needs of the construction business from the owner, developer, manager and engineer perspective.
  3. We concentrate on just one thing: internet based construction project image capture, storage and presentation.
  4. Our association with one of the country's largest hosting companies allows us to pass along the significant savings of economies of scale.
  5. We provide a money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our products or services, we'll cheerfully refund your money.

The RTI Cams team has applied their years of experience and technical expertise to provide you with a system specifically for making your construction project video documentation quick, easy, inexpensive and worry-free.


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